Buying for Success: Rethink Your College Supply List

August is near and school supplies will be front and center in all major stores.  Of course, all the usual items (e.g. paper, notebooks, pencils, pens) will be on every college student’s list. However, there a several items that are perfect for studying that most students would not consider putting in their shopping carts. These items are great for keeping study time fun and attention focused.

Dry Erase Board

Dry erase boards help students take a break from the normal pencil and notebook routine.  They are perfect for working math problems, outlining material, learning formulas or re-drawing diagrams.  In addition to studying, erasable boards are great for writing to-do lists or reminders. Small white boards are useful to have handy while seated at a desk, while larger ones that can be posted on the wall are ideal for those students who like to stand and be active.

Photo Credit: Patrick Guarino

Dry Erase Markers

No room to hang a dry erase board? No problem! Improvise and use bathroom and closet mirrors (gain your roommate’s permission) .  Using dry erase markers, write important formulas or vocabulary that you need to commit to memory on mirrored surfaces so that you can review them every time you go into the bathroom or get dressed.

Big Sticky Notes


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The running theme here is to try other writing products besides pencils and paper.  Instead of a lot of little sticky notes, try big sticky notes!  Large self-adhesive sheets can be posted safely on walls.  Students can use these to create large and colorful outlines, charts and diagrams or big bold reminders. Butcher paper can work just as well.



Photo Credit: Elizabeth Skene

Balance Ball

If you are the fidgety type or you fall asleep quickly in a seated position, you can swap your chair for a balance ball when sitting at your desk.  Trying to stabilize yourself on the ball is enough activity to keep you awake and focused.


Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are great if you like the visuals of studying in a public place but just a little bit of noise.  Ear plugs shut just enough sound out to create your own study vibe.  It is a great alternative to listening to music if it is too distracting.



Play Dough

Play dough is another creative study tool if you can’t keep still during study time.  Moving and shaping the dough in your hand while studying can also improve your concentration and focus.  In addition to study time, play dough is useful in class to replace the nosier, more distracting habit of tapping your pencils on desks.




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